To accompany you during this period, here are Home Trainer sessions that you can do at home. (Updated as you go)

Borg CR10 Scale

The sessions that will be offered will be based on the intensity zone of Andrew . Andrew Coggan has defined seven intensity zones which are defined from a percentage of the functional threshold power (FTP) or Heart rate threshlod. You can see equivalences on the Rating scale of Perceived (RPE) scale from borg.

Training zones by Coggan

The% HR max is calculated as follows: Target heart rate = Resting HR +% (Max HR – Resting HR) Example: I want to drive at 70% of my capacity while having as FCmax = 200bpm and a FCrepos of 60: 60 + 0.70 (200 – 60) = 60 + 0.70 * 140 = 60 + 98 = 158bpm. So I have to drive at 158bpm to find myself at 70% of my capacity.

Strength endurance

What is endurance strength work? Why work it?

Strength endurance work consists of performing periods of time at low cadence with big gear and at a moderate intensity. This work will allow you to make you more endurance in the effort. Furthermore, it will make your pedaling more effective.
What is the anaerobic threshold?

You are at this threshold when you make a CLM type effort from 15 ’to 45’ long or when climbing.The next session aims to develop your ability to maintain a high level of Z4, an intensity close to your threshold. This type of session will also have an impact on your endurance qualities. Please note that working at the anaerobic threshold is hard. So post-effort recovery is very important
Why work explosiveness?
Explosiveness is an important quality in cycling because it makes it possible to make a difference with your opponents in the event of a sprint finish or to escape or even to change rhythm violently.

Explosiveness is the ability to produce maximum effort in the shortest possible time

Before you start, we advise you to keep a steady pace of life. And yes, it is not because we live in a particular period that we should let go of our lifestyle. Take advantage of this period take care of us, and listen to our feelings

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a typical week so as not to make a mistake. During this period of confinement, some will be overwhelmed by the desire to train morning noon and evening and others will have no motivation. This typical week will calm the ardor of one and motivate the others.

Not knowing when the competitions will resume, we can maintain our physical level and work a desired quality (point to work or strong point). The following typical week offers one to two physical activities per day.