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AG2R CITROEN U19 TEAM  is composed of 16 riders. Half of it, is renewed each season. The structure is open to French or foreign riders. Discover here how to apply to AG2R CITROEN U19 TEAM here.

The recruitment of the structure is done on application file. Thanks to this one, we can know the double project of each candidate. By double-project, we mean school and sports projects. Once we have selected the best candidates, we propose an interview to each of the riders concerned. A second selection is followed by a second interview to clarify the recruitment.

Modality for the 2023 season:
In view of the COVID-19 health crisis, we are adapting our recruitment methods.

Which categories are concerned?

The group is only composed of juniors but some youths riders can integrate it as trainee during their 2nd season in this category. So It is advisable to apply from 16 years.

Finally, applications are open to juniors 1 and foreign races. For them, the selection criteria are more selective. These riders must be of international standard, or tend toward it, hoping to integrate the structure.

What races are you based on?

We take a good look at the « high-level » youths events, and in particular at the National Championships, which are part of as youth reference tests. Other competitions also hold our attention events that remain unavoidable. Regarding juniors 1, it is mainly the national and international events that hold our attention

What profile of riders are we looking for?

All the profiles of riders interest us, we wish that our group is each year, the most complete possible. It must be composed of sprinters, riders, punters and climbers, as well as riders. As a youth, it is normal to be uncertain of the profile to which one belongs. It is during the junior years, once the growth is over, that it generally begins to become clearer.

What types of riders are we looking for?

The team is mainly composed of riders but some practice 2 or 3 disciplines. We accompany pistards, crossmans and even sometimes mountain bikers but all practice the high-level road.

Apply to AG2R CITROEN U19 TEAM does not commit to anything. It is not because you will not be selected that your career will stop there. In the past, we have not accepted the applications of some riders who have proved themselves at a very high level afterwards. This should happen to us again. So if this unique project interests you, do not hesitate to try your luck.

How to apply to AG2R CITROEN U19 TEAM ?